11 Creative Gifts for Boyfriend – Easy, Cute & Cheap Ideas to Surprise Your Boyfriend

1. Photos:

I’m sure you both love clicking yourself photos and mesmerizing the moments again and again. Now you don’t need scroll your gallery and search for your memories belong to your younger days of love. All you can do is, collage them well and frame it. All you need to do is, spend few bucks in buying a good frame, or sometime you can make your own frame at home. Collage some good photos and gift him.

2. Slideshow:

Somehow, you want this gift to be special for him, and off course a memorable one. You can collect some good photos or put your thoughts into a slide and prepare a slideshow. You can animate your slides, add effects and show your love through words. This is a great idea; when you are in a distant relationship or you don’t have your love around you this moment.

3. The Scrapbook:

The best thing you can give your boyfriend is a self made scrapbook. I still remember my school days, when I used to waste my time making scrapbook during my tenth grade, but all I did is collected some good memories from my school. You can do this in relationship too. Putting your emotions back on a scrapbook can help to boost his mood, and also let him know, how much you love him.

4. Take a Seductive Photo:

Don’t shy, but your guy always wanted you to dress up in seductive cloths, look sexy carrying some vintage looks. If you have never did in front of him, what about shooting it on your own and gifting him? Keep it simple and clean by just clicking the photo and pasting in on a scrapbook, take a print out and put it in an envelope or rather mail him anytime.

5. Home made Things:

So, what if chocolates were loved by girls more? Even, guys hold a special corner for chocolates and they love them the same. You can back some chocolate chips or cookies at home and gift it in a box. You can send these things via courier and keep your name secret. Let him guess the person to know his flavor, taste and choice. Make sure, you stay away from things he is not much into.

6. Prepare a Naughty List with Him:

Spending a dreamy night with him, having sex chocolate or encouraging him on how to do oral sex can be, may be your dream. But the thing is you should let him know and make him feel special. You can put his name everywhere in your naughty list and mention about all the things, I meant naughty things you wanted to do with him. Get some random pasted on the list.

7. A Calendar:

You can make your own calendar and gift in to him. Why calendar? Well, if this is your first anniversary and you are excited about it, you can gift him a calendar mentioning about some special moments that happened back on the same date. This will help him to remember the special days spent together, which directly helps to bring back romance in relationship. What about marking the date and letting him know – “This was the first date we had sex”.

8. Make Him a CD:

If you thought putting your thoughts, notions, emotions were quite boring when put on calendar, scrapbook or ppt’s you can probably put them in a CD. What’s interesting about this idea? You can add some special songs to your memories, and make it as long as you wanted. Also, CD was a safer option than any other ideas.

9. Gift Him his Pleasures:

Well, if you are on a little budget or willing to spend a few amounts for a special occasion, maybe it is his birthday than you can buy him his favorite perfumes. From my side, I would say all men’s would love a pack of deo, perfume and roll on from the same brand or trust. You can know his choice, and gift him the same. Also make sure, you are not trying to do this on the first attempt like gifting him a perfume which he has never used before. Again to this, if you are sure about this choice of fragrance, you can gift him.

10. Have Sex:

Aah! This we would term as the best gift you can ever give to your loving and handsome boyfriend. If you have an empty place or if you are lucky enough to have your house vacant for a night or that day, you can give him the best thing. I would say, best heavenly thing. Before you proceed with this, try to plan and make this a special moments having some candles around you and making this a romantic moment which he would love to live – AGAIN and AGAIN.

11. Sing a Song for Him:

This is not for you, if you never found your love and emotions in music. If you thought or if you are a good and better singer, why not make use of it? You can dedicate his favorite song to him. Sing record and send. Or you can put in back in the presentation with your photos collages, and your song to be played in background. I’m sure, after doing this he will be happy and very happy.

What are your ideas to gift your boyfriend?

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