21 Pictures Of Coronavirus Survivors For Anyone Who Still Believes Covid-19 Isn’t Real Interview

21 Pictures Of Coronavirus Survivors For Anyone Who Still Believes Covid-19 Isn’t Real Interview

As one of the worst years so far, 2020 has taken a toll on everyone. From forest fires and explosions to war conflicts, it’s safe to say that the entire year has been filled with negative energies. One of the worst things that happened in 2020 is the COVID-19 pandemic which looks like it’s far from over. Almost 36 million confirmed cases have been reported across the world and more than 1 million COVID-19 related deaths.

With these frightening numbers, there’s a lot of hope with the number of recovered people. More than 27 million people are confirmed to recover from the virus. However, these people came out of the virus exhausted and weary. Luckily, now the recovered patients can go back home to their families with their lives. Instead of staying silent and ignoring the people that don’t believe in the virus, many of these people shared photographs of themselves after beating the virus to show the world that it’s not a joke. Despite all the warnings from the World Health Organization about the measures and wearing masks, many people don’t believe that the virus exists.

WHO also warns that the death toll will probably reach 2 million before a global vaccine is available. There are many efforts from different countries and organizations for creating a vaccine and WHO predicts that it will be available around the Summer of 2021.

Symptoms of COVID-19

There are different types of symptoms that exert different people affected by the virus. Most of the people that are infected either show no or mild symptoms while others find it hard to survive from the difficulties it caused them. This minority of patients claim that the symptoms of coronavirus are never-ending. They feel them weeks and sometimes even months which is weird because most of these people led a very healthy and active lifestyle.

The most common symptoms of the virus are dry cough, fever, and tiredness with possible symptoms like headache, sore throat, the loss of smell and taste, diarrhea, and muscle pain. The people with a severe case have symptoms like chest pains, difficulty breathing, and sometimes even loss of movement or speech.

Staying Safe from the Virus

Many protective measures are shown to us to follow by WHO. Because the virus is transmitted from person to person, it’s our responsibility to fight against it. These are 6 precautions you should follow every day:

  • Cleaning your hands often is crucial because we always touch things such as door handles or benches that we sit on in the outside. It’s recommended to wash your hands with soap for at least 30 seconds. However, if you don’t have soap nearby, it’s always good to carry a sanitizer with you.
  • Coughing or sneezing should be done in your bent elbow or inside a mask. Never cough or sneeze in your hands since you’ll probably touch something afterward and infect others.
  • Don’t touch your nose, mouth, or eyes since that’s the main way that the virus is spreading.
  • Avoid social gatherings and spending lots of time in crowded places. You’ll never know who is or isn’t infected because most of the people that are don’t show symptoms but can infect you.
  • Never have close contact with a person who is sick.
  • Always clean and disinfect objects that are frequently touched by you or someone else.

That being said, if you do get infected, it doesn’t mean that it’s the end for you. Even if you have severe symptoms, keep yourself up because if you don’t, your organs will let you down just how you did it to them. If you feel down and think it’s the end, your immune system won’t even bother protecting you from the virus. Remember, many people went through it and survived, just like these brave people that decided to post their photograph.

Photographed Coronavirus Survivors

After beating COVID-19, this 103-year-old woman celebrated with a Bud Light

Joy Andrews survived a plane crash in Libya, breast cancer, a Nazi assassination attempt, and now coronavirus

This nursing home resident survived both COVID-19 and the Spanish Flu at 101 years

Mike Schultz battled corona for 6 weeks in the hospital and these are before and after photographs

This is the oldest man aged 104 years to survive COVID-19

After recovering from corona, this ICU worker returned to his 12 hours shift the next day

Even a 6-months old baby named Cora beat the virus

A 78-year-old man was hospitalized for 11 days and lost 12 kg. but still beat COVID-19

One of the first patients to recover from coronavirus at MLKCH is James Simpson

After surviving COVID-19, Jefferson Riascos asked his girlfriend, Diana Paola Angola, to marry him at the Versalles Clinic in Cali, Colombia

This man spent 83 days in the hospital due to COVID-19. That’s almost 3 months!

Former partisan and firefighter Stanislaw Bigos beat corona at the age of 100

These 3 patients went through the coronavirus battle in a nursing home and survived. Props to the staff that worked under enormous stress

After battling Covid for a month, his father finally recovered

Bryan Cranston, known for his main character in Breaking Bad, seen donating plasma to help others recover from COVID-19

This COVID-19 survivor from Seattle got a $1.1 million, 181-page hospital bill after his release

Man seen returned from the hospital with an ambulance

After battling Covid for months and later physical rehab to regain her strength, this woman is released home. You can see the joy she felt after being taken off from the hospital

This 95-year-old man from Mandaluyong City was discharged from the hospital after his recovery

Proudly wearing a “Corona Survivor” shirt

This couple is 90+ years old and beat the coronavirus in India together

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