6 unexpected tips to be more confident in bed

To talk about your desires, to feel calm, to live in harmony with your body. Achieving this is not so easy, but possible, and at any age. How to do this? With positive self-awareness and inner freedom. For a self-confident person it is difficult to understand someone who does not trust himself, fears intimacy and is convinced that only someone who has a perfect body can get and give pleasure.

It is not necessary to have a perfect body in order to love yourself and to be free, but dislike of it creates an internal conflict that over time blocks the fragile mechanism of desire and pleasure. To feel sexually confident, a woman needs to feel attractive and to know that her partner loves her.

If this does not happen, she begins to look at herself too critically and even ruthlessly, constantly comparing herself to the standard of beauty accepted in society-often not in her favor. Today we will speak about 6 tips for the shy ladies how to become more confident in bed:

#1. Do what you know well. Even if you doubt your sexual skills, there should be at least one thing you are really good at.

#2. Try something new. As soon as you feel yourself a master in one area, start trying other things that do not make you feel so comfortable. Do not immediately strive for great results – practice new for entertainment.

#3. Laugh. Skills do not solve everything. What really makes sex good is your attitude to it. If you can have fun and laugh when something has gone wrong, success is already in your hands.

#4. Focus on what you love in your body. You can constantly think about your shortcomings, but it is much better to evaluate your dignity. Therefore, looking in the mirror, focus on what you like in your face and body. Try to pay less attention to the features that do not cause a rapturous excitement.

#5. Wear something that boosts your confidence. When you wear something that (at least in your opinion) makes you irresistible, you automatically feel more confident.

#6. Repeat the mantra. To really convey the message of your confidence, create a mantra for yourself like I am sexy. Repeat it, looking at the mirror, write down the phrase in the diary, place stickers with these words throughout the apartment. The more you hear something, the more you believe in it.

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