Unwanted hair removal is a very common dilemma that all individuals wish to have removed permanently from their bodies. This is particularly prevalent in young girls and women. But these days the male population too are starting to take part in this process and are starting to shape, trim and shave their unwanted hair as much as the females.

So here are some of the most effective natural removal ways of hair from the males.Shaving is one of the most common unwanted hair removal methods preferred by men. It is a ritual in which the beard or whisker is shaved down completely. The most popular technique preferred by men for shaving is the use of an electric razor, but there are other techniques available which are also equally efficient. Some of these other techniques include: waxing, depilatory, shaving and laser treatment.

Waxing: Waxing is another common form of unwanted hair removal procedure preferred by men. This method is mostly performed on the eyebrows, upper lips and the beard areas. A cloth strip is wrapped around the area being treated and a hot wax is applied over it. A cloth strip is then rubbed over the waxed area and removed to leave the skin smooth and cool. Another advantage of this method is that the hair does not grow again for at least three months.

Laser Treatments: This technique of laser treatments is very effective and can remove the unwanted hair in several sessions. The treatment lasts for about fifteen minutes per session. During the sessions, an intense beam of light is targeted on the unwanted hairs and burns them off. Although this is considered to be the most effective of all the different forms of removal, it is quite expensive as well. The laser treatments are usually carried out twice weekly for optimum results.

Shaving: It may sound a little strange but men do not think of shaving their body hair. On the contrary, women do not like to shave their legs, underarms and bikini lines. However, with the advent of technology, there are different ways through which men and women can get rid of unwanted hair. Some people like to go in for shaving and waxing while others prefer a more natural approach like using creams or lotions for the purpose. Aromatherapy oils are also gaining popularity among men who are looking for some alternative to the traditional razor.

Laser Treatment: Unlike the above methods for removing unwanted hair removal, laser treatments are a bit safer to use. As they use light energy for removing the hair, there is no chance of burning or scars being formed on the skin after the treatment is done. However, the laser treatment does not work on all skin types and it might need to be discussed with a dermatologist before you can get this treatment done.

Upper Lip Excision: A medical procedure known as upper lip peeling is also a way of removing the unwanted hair from the upper lip. This process works by taking a small upper lip piece and sliding it gently along the upper lip to remove the hair. The pain involved is not that great and can be easily treated with over-the-counter painkillers. However, the procedure could leave a scar at the point where the skin meets the upper lip. Therefore, a lip peeling procedure could not be used for removing the hair from the face, eyebrows and lips.

Waxing: Although the above-mentioned two methods are the most common ones, there are many other methods of hair removal that can be tried. There are creams that can be applied to the bikini area to help get rid of unwanted hairs. These cream hair remover kits have to be applied each day for a few weeks for best results. There are also creams available for use in the bikini area, if desired, and they can help to loosen the wax from the skin. However, the waxing method is more painful and might require a prescription from a dermatologist or doctor.

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