This Mark on Your Body Will Reveal How Many Children You’re Going To Have

You know how many people have said “destiny is in your hands”? Well, that might just be true – and I mean literally.

As we’ve heard many times before, astronomy, astrology, as well as palmistry, as in this case, play a major role in philosophical predictions of the way a person’s life is going to be. We’re here to tell you that believe it or not, through palmistry you can also find out how many children you are going to have.

We are going to discuss this in more detail and explain how and why things are done.

First things first, there is no ideal age to have a child, although most wannabe parents nowadays are encouraged to get things started from the age of 20 to the age of 30. The truth is, the ideal time to have a baby is whenever your biological clock wakes up and lets you know it’s time.

By default, boys dreams of having boys and girls dreams of having girls – there’s something deeply connected regarding our genders, but there’s no way to actually know what you’ll end up with.

However, if you want a rough idea, palmistry is the way to go.

Now, it’s only natural for you to have dreams and hopes regarding the number of babies you wish to have in a lifetime, and you may even plan your pregnancies accordingly. But there’s no way you can know for sure the number you will actually end up having. However, if you still want a rough idea, palmistry is the way to go. But before we tell you how palmistry can predict the total number of children you will have, let us give you a brief idea of palmistry. That said, according to Chinese palmistry, the number of babies you will have is entirely dependent on the lines of your hand.

Take a look at your right hand.  The child lines are the lines located at the base of your little finger. You need to analyze these lines top to bottom to find out some things about your future children.

Make a fist with your palm as shown in the image below. See the V-shaped lines formed near the little finger? Those are the lines that could indicate the number of children you will have.

At the very base of your thumb is Mount of Venus. If it looks thick and fleshy, it means there’s a heightened sexual function. That, by default means that you will end up with more than two children. Same for the opposite case, if the Mount of Venus is flat, it’s more likely you’ll have fewer children.

If your pinky is smaller than average and the lines at the end look like a fork, you will have fewer children.

Besides the number of children, the lines might also determine your baby’s sex and health. If you have deeper and more prominent lines, chances are you’ll have a boy. If you have shallow lines, you’re more likely to end up having a girl. If you see forks at the end of your child lines, whether you know it or not, you have great chances of conceiving twins.

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