We All Sitting On The Toilet Wrong – Here’s The Right Position !

When you don’t talk about something, you never know if you’re doing something wrong. And we almost never talk about going to the bathroom. Because it’s kind of a shameful  and taboo habit.

But everyone does it! So let’s discuss a bit about how actually sitting while “doing it” can harm your health or help fasten your metabolism.

Probably, everyone sits on the toilet with their backs straight as possible !
This is when you’re really trying to be a “law abiding citizen” or just lazy sitting on the toilet, probably with your head and whole back bent downwards towards the interesting and colorful phone screen of yours.
And exactly these two most common and comfortable positions are the worse for the actual habit of going to the bathroom! While you’re comfortable, you’re hurting your inside organs.
Because the angle of your posture is about a 90 degrees, your bowel is not fully squeezed. That adds on squeezing other muscles, making it hard on other parts of the body and can cause serious problems in a long run.
A worst case scenario is a colon cancer. Other things such as irritated bowel, hemorrhoids and even constipation can occur simply because of sitting on the toilet “too comfortably”!

The actually best position for “doing it” is a squat position!
“Doing it” in nature or “doing it” in an old farm toilet is how it should be done. This is the best position that gives the less squeeze and effort for other muscles and organs.
The bowel is effortlessly “doing the job”. While it’s maybe the most discomfortable position and you can’t actually enjoy your game on your phone, sorry, but it’s the healthiest position for your body.
To achieve this in your home, put a little stool on which you can put your legs and do a squat above the toilet seat.
Maybe this bathroom tip is not something you would enjoy in comfort, don’t you think you should at least give it a try, for the sake of your health?

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